Always insight into the costs incurred


Besides clearly organizing reservations NovoRes® can directly track the costs incurred by your guests. Before, during or after the stay costs can be entered and an invoice must be undone.

Automatic price calculation                                                                                                                    The standard price of a rental object is taken over directly on the bill, but if desired, it is also possible to introduce a cost-free. Automatically add the tax on an invoice with NovoRes® is no problem. Here you can indicate whether your municipality a nominal amount or a percentage is used.



Changing and adding costs later

When booking, additional options (supplements) are chosen. Balance function takes these options immediately and at standard prices are added to the bill. An additional or other special requirements are so neatly stored and calculated. Not all wishes are when creating the reservation clearly. Therefore, even during the stay additional costs are added to the reservation. The invoice can be automatically created in NovoRes®, this does not mean that you have no influence on this. All invoices are themselves optionally by adjusting the user. 

Invoices split and merge                                                                                                                      Also, with guests staying in a company name in your accommodation holds NovoRes® account. Invoices can be split into an area for guests and an area for the company. If you make a group booking with NovoRes® is possible to make during check out one bill for the entire group. 

Unpaid invoices

Any unpaid invoice will escape your attention because NovoRes® helps you remember. During check-out are outstanding payments prominently brought to the attention. Moreover, in an overview and clearly see on the planning board or a guest to his or her payment obligations have been fulfilled. If you wish, you can NovoRes® recall after a chosen period of outstanding invoices.