Each reservation object is different



NovoRes® is tailored to the needs of medium and small objects, this does not mean that all objects of this size are exactly the same. After all objects have different space, different prices and have their own range of fees and services. NovoRes® is, therefore, very many areas built up flexible. On the NovoRes ® for known way the administrator can very easily customize data in the program. Novoflex NovoRes® makes a very user-friendly program that takes care of a lot of work.



Adapt itself
To your own preferences can be done for example with your own agencies, season and invoice items in NovoRes®. During the creation of a reservation can be chosen from booking options that can be customizable. For example, the hiring of bicycles or access to the pool can thus be added directly to the reservation. At the host data, you can create additional fields. In addition to the most common information you have complete freedom to store additional information that you consider important. Even changing foreign currency (the current price), the tourist tax and VAT rates can be without the intervention of a consultant himself in NovoRes®. The use of a computerized booking system must not be pursued at the expense of flexibility.