Realize special wishes


Unlike many other accommodation booking packages NovoRes® is a 100% Dutch product. This looks you right back in the very good coordination with the wishes of users. Through intensive collaboration with accommodation providers NovoRes® has proven to be the perfect reservation program for medium and small accommodations. Many users' requirements have been incorporated into the program.


Always up to date

Because NovoRes® in-house developed can quickly respond to new demands. One example is the recently added feature space that is used among other things for the Legionella prevention. When major changes occur can be quickly with updates so you are always assured of a current reservation program. 


Specific requirements

However, we can imagine that you want to add to the program specific requirements. Customization makes it possible to individual needs. In consultation with the developers of NovoRes ® can be enumerated. If you have any questions we invite you to discuss this with us.