Everything revolves aroundsummary

In NovoRes® is all about overview and simplicity. For many users purchase NovoRes® is a logical step after years of having worked with a paper reservation book. Time after time, it appears that the transition goes smoothly and is perceived as much smaller than thought. This is made possible by the familiar planning board in NovoRes®. You could say that the paper reservation book in digital form is included in NovoRes®. You will therefore always see immediately which objects (rooms, halls, camping sites, residences etc.) are reserved for a day, even in combination.

Flexible with wishes
Besides the similarities there are also many differences between users. NovoRes® is flexible with different wish. You can enter the names of objects and this shows itself back on the planning board. Employees therefore understand immediately how the program works. By clicking on the planning board can make a reservation rapidly. A guest in another object of places is done faster with NovoRes® than with pencil and eraser.

Clearly visible
Because the objects in different groups to share in the overview is maintained even for larger users. See on the basis of clear colors you directly what the status of a reservation. In this way, at an early stage to recognize which reservations are still unconfirmed. Payment differences never go unnoticed because they are prominently displayed on the planning board.

NovoRes® works so simple that you really need no explanation. To quickly find a booking on the planning board by choosing a week or month. Also the structure of the planning board can be customized to your preferences with one push of a button. It is also possible to provide the rental of objects per hour on the planning board schematically. Overview and simplicity as it should!

If you would like to view and try NovoRes® ask now for the free demo version to detail.