Work together for extra efficiency


A reservation program is in many properties not stand alone. As is made NovoRes® can be used on multiple types of computers in your accommodation of computers use. This allows for example both on reception and in your office as well as on tablets and smartphones to work with NovoRes®. 



As part of the program works NovoRes® with integrated Novo Connect.
Novo Connect handles the data transfer from external partners.
The couplings that have been realized:










Accounting packages:






NovoRes® is a product from the delivery of HotelTotaal. In hospitalitybrache HotelTotaal is a good partner. HotelTotaal supplies and implements accommodation telematics products and systems in all accommodations,like hotels, residences, studio rental, convention centers etc. She has developed a unique concept for a seam lose integrating NovoRes® with all accommodation telematics in its delivery with the aim of improving quality, efficiency, speed and flexibility . With the integration of NovoRes® at HotelTotaal concept offered a total solution. The logo of HotelTotaal articulates not without what they stand for: "Synergy in communication."