Fast and secure internet reservation

Many guests book now via the internet. If a guest has made the decision to stay in your case this is the choice as soon as possible a confirmation to continue. On the internet is indeed quickly found an alternative offer. NovoRes® reservation software makes it possible to receive full reservations via the internet. After all, you do not have to belong to a chain to be professional.

Anyone can do it
NovoRes® is known for its simplicity and ease of use. Of course this is no different with NovoRes® Internet booking. Without a comprehensive course of instruction each hotel can receive reservations via the Internet and automatically let in books without losing the final production.

Of course itself retains the final editing                                                                                                  On your own website gives you automatic which spaces are available in your object. At its sole discretion, you can determine yourself what is displayed on your site. Visitors to your website fill in their details and choose a space. At the time that suits you disconnect from the Internet on the reservations and post it in if necessary. The reservation request you link to an available space and the guest will receive by e-mail confirmation. If you should have no more space than a rejection can be sent or made an alternative offer.

With NovoRes® Internet booking you take no data out letters or e-mail about it.

Try it
Are you wondering how to make a reservation via the Internet work? Ask for a demonstration version of NovoRes® and try it yourself! The demo version can be used free of charge and month and commits you to nothing.