Save time on hectic moments


Reservation with the computer has never been easier. With NovoRes® you quickly a reservation booked in and at the same time save all relevant information. Besides the chosen space and guest data is in NovoRes® a small effort to add tax or extra charges to a reservation. Within a minute, all data is stored and the booking will be confirmed. Life can be so simple.



Clear steps

Enter your reservation is done in a few steps. You choose include the arrival and departure, number of persons, space and possibly the agency that you use. When booking, NovoRes® calculates the default value (taking into account your high and low season). Of course, you always keeps the possible to enter into a free rate with every reservation.




Common extras (supplements) to set standards so they can be selected when booking. Based on your specific situation and preferences enter the name and price of extras. By clicking on the extras are added to the reservation.



Group bookings

Soon a group of guests in more areas with NovoRes ® is a breeze. During the creation of the booking you can enter the space you want to place the customers. NovoRes ® saves you time consuming work where multiple reservations need to be made in succession.



One invoice per group

NovoRes® are flexible with your wish. To create an invoice for a group of a space that is possible. Invoices of different spaces merge is, however, no problem with NovoRes ®. Ease user must!